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Commercial Parking Lot Sealing & Pavement Maintenance

Pavement surfaces are generally seal coated using Oil Based Products. Asphalt itself is oil based,  therefore, any sealant being applied to the surface should always be of the same base.

Penetration plays an important role or factor when sealing asphalt.
When the sealant has cured or penetrated,  the surface will be more resistant to spills such as gas, oil, antifreeze & other hamful chemicals & detergents such as Salts, Acid Rain & Solvent based products aswell.  Penetrating sealants also allow asphalt to be a little more flexible as the seasons change. A properly sealed surface is less likely to crack as the oils replenish the pavement with its natural component. Oil based sealants are non-shiney after curing & are non-slippery. The appearance when complete, will have a rich , matt black finish.

A properly sealed surface will enable the pavement breathe.
Applying  store bought sealants or "role on type" Airport Grade or even Rubberized sealants will only sit on the surface like a heavy paint. Within a short period of time they will dry out & begin to crack, peel or even flake off. These surface setting sealers are not designed for Canadian climate. Simply put,  the appearance of a paved surface can easily be ruined by applying the wrong "off the shelf products".

In preparation for any pavement to be sealed.
The surface must first be cleaned of all dirt & debris. If the surface being worked on is very dirty, a pressure washer or a power sweeper may be needed dependant on size or square footage. Once the surface is properly cleaned, the option of filling any holes, depressions or cracks is now available. Hot rubberized Crack Fillers & Hot Mix Asphalt also help ensure the durability & longevity of any paved surface.

Finally the surface now is ready for sealant.
A two stage coating of Commercial Grade Oil Based Sealant gets applied using a spray on application. This is the followed by re-striping any parking lines, directional symbols & hatchings. The Pavement is now protected, has fantastic curb appeal & is ready for years of traffic & usage.

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